Saturday, April 11, 2009

Heroes Among Us

There are heroes among us--award-winning heroes, who have fought in wars and done amazing things on behalf of our country. Today, we are one fewer.

It was with sadness that I read this morning about a great man who has passed on, Medal of Honor recipient Russell Dunham. LA Times reports "Russell Dunham, a World War II Army veteran who was awarded the Medal of Honor, the military's highest decoration for valor, after he assaulted three German machine gun emplacements, killed nine German soldiers and took two prisoners, died of congestive heart failure Monday at his home in Godfrey, Ill. He was 89."

I was at the opening of the Medal of Honor Museum aboard the USS Yorktown in Mount Pleasant, SC in 2007 with about 100 Medal of Honor recipients. I can't explain the awe I felt at being around such greatness. It was palpable--the honor, the respect. What an amazing night. So amazing, in fact, that it became a major scene in my latest book, A Hundred Years of Happiness.

Many heroes are not so decorated though. Many are just as humble, but no one really knows about their heroic acts. Perhaps it's your grand uncle who fought in World War II. Perhaps it's your grandfather who was in Korea or your stepfather who was in Vietnam, like mine. These men and women sacrificed for our country. The least we can do is ask them about their experiences, tell them "thank you" for their service, and vow to learn the lessons that come along with the wisdom of everyday heroes. For when these heroes go, so goes their wisdom.

They are, indeed, all around us if we look.

Please support our troops and remember to thank the veteran in your life.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Large Print Version of 100 Years Released

Friends, readers,
My latest novel, A Hundred Years of Happiness, releases this week in Large Print Hardcover from Center Point. The book explores faith, family and love that can survive even the atrocities of war. If you know someone who has a hard time reading small print, be sure to find a large print copy!
Hope you enjoy,

PS. The cover was painted and designed by Your Truly.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


I read an interesting BBC analysis of happy endings in books and Hollywood movies in times of nationwide strife. For you lovers of books out there, I'd love to know your thoughts.

I have to say, I needed the ending to Slumdog Millionaire...even the dancing at the end. Do we all need happy endings right now? If you're an author, has the thought crossed your mind to churn out rosier stuff? I'll admit the thought has crossed my mind. Not sure if it will actually affect any of my writing though...