Thursday, August 28, 2008

New Post on Another Blog

I have a post about "Looking for God in All the Strange Places" today on the Southern Authors Blog, A Good Blog is Hard to Find. Hope you'll hop on over there and give it a read.

Then write me or comment and let me know the strangest place you've ever seen God.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Heart-Pounding Fiction

For a long while I haven't been able to read anything, hoping to hit my stride in writing my next book. I have stacks and stacks of partially-read books on my nightstand and bookshelf. They call to me, asking for me to pick them up, but I've had to say no. At least for a while.

Well, I picked BACK up A THOUSAND SPLENDID SUNS by Khaleid Hosseini, and I'm glad I did. At least, I think I am at this point. I'm not done yet, but last night my heart was actually pounding. I've never had that happen while heart rate going up, my flipping through faster and faster. I said to my husband, "How does he do this? It's whopper after whopper after whopper!"

I loved The Kite Runner. It was a masterpiece. But this book has me caring so much for Mariam, Laila, and Aziza, I find myself wondering what's happening to them as I wash my face. Is it that Hosseini has created such a realistic world? Is it that he created one of the most despicable characters I've ever read? Or is it that he's not afraid to take his readers on journeys they would never willingly go on. For instance, last night I read about the c-section. I've experienced this with anesthesia. It had never occurred to me that in some parts of the world in certain circumstances there would be NO anesthesia.

Thanks for that, Hosseini.

At this point, I'm not just a reader, but a writer, studying the masterful craft of another. Don't tell me how it ends, please, because this ride is too suspenseful.

Sunday, August 03, 2008


There are rumors surfacing that my book, Trouble the Water, has been spotted in Sam's Clubs. Yes, I know, Sam's Clubs--great big wholesale stores. My mother called last night and said my aunt's sister's friend near Garner, NC saw it in a Sam's there. We were skeptical and thought it could be a hoax. Sort of like a UFO sighting. Until I spoke with my mother-in-law this morning who says her friend in Cincinnati, OH saw it and bought Trouble the Water in a Sam's Club there. Ah, proof. She actually bought it there.

This is a bit like finding Waldo. The Sam's Club website has no mention of my book. Readers, would you do me a favor? If you are in a Sam's Club and happen to spot my book, Trouble the Water, please comment and let me know!

The search goes on...