Thursday, July 28, 2011

Name Dropping

It seems like everywhere we turn there's bad news, so I thought I'd celebrate instead some good things in the world...namely authors I've met in my travels. Even though the publishing world is more treacherous than expected, the people I've met along the way have been unexpected blessings and bright spots. There is so much to celebrate!! This is NOT, by any means, a complete list, but if you find an author's name here, know that this is someone who has impressed me professionally, but also touched and impacted me personally. If there's an author on here you'd like to lift up with a positive story, please leave a comment about them. Positive only, please. If there's someone I've left off the list, I'm sorry! My memory banks are sometimes faulty. Who did I forget???? Please comment about that author and how he/she makes the world a better place!

PS. Many of these folks will be coming to Charleston in September for SIBA (Southeastern Independent Booksellers Association trade show), and this author cannot wait!

Beth Webb Hart
Mary Alice Monroe
Marjorie Wentworth
Batt Humphreys
Pat Conroy
Cassandra King
Josephine Humphreys
Lisa Wingate
Jenny B Jones
Marybeth Whalen
Shellie Rushing Tomlinson
Patti Callahan Henry
Sonny Brewer
River Jordan
Karen White
Ron Rash
Jim Minick
Tim Callahan
Carla Stewart
Eleanor Brown
Karen Harrington
Jamie Ford
Michael Morris
Neil White
Kathryn Casey
Deeanne Gist
Marcia Fine
Ad Hudler
Kathy Patrick
Jack Bass
Nathalie Dupree
Michelle Buckman
Marshall Chapman
Dale Cramer
Kwame Dawes
Ann Gabhart
Kieran Kramer
Cathy Pickens
Signe Pike
Rose Rock
Kathryn Wall
Jackie Cooper
Linda Annas Ferguson
Mindy Frindle
John Hart
Charlotte Jenkins
Janna McMahon
Charles Banov
Ken Burger
William Conescu
Brett Lott
T. Lynn Ocean
Maryann McFadden
John Thompson
Denise Hildreth
Jackie Lee Miles
Karin Gillespie
Kerry Madden
Katie Crouch
Red Evans
Rebecca T. Godwin
Sue Monk Kidd
Dorothea Benton Frank
Dori Sanders
Dick Cote
and on and on...!!

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Around the World Art Camp!

What a week we had in Around the World Art Camp! With ages 6-9, we traveled to a different country every day, finding it on the map, sampling the culture, learning facts, playing games, and of course, creating art! This week-long camp was held at Palmetto Christian Academy in my very own lower school art room. I think the room was happy to have some artwork being made in it again, and I was thrilled to watch these gifted and talented kids become immersed in different cultures.

Aboriginal Dot Painting - Emu, Age 9
Day one - Australia
Today we went "down under" and learned about Aborigines. The kids loved the chanting CD we listened to while imitating aboriginal dot paintings. Then we made and played our own digderoos with traditional aboriginal symbols. The kids couldn't get enough of our Aussie snack for the day, Fairy Bread. It's easy to make -- just put margarine on white bread, cover with rainbow sprinkles and cut on a diagonal. Simple!

Celtic letter A from The Book of Kells, age 7

Day Two - Ireland
Ah, the Enchanted Isle. Did you know there are no snakes in Ireland? Today, we learned about Saint Patrick, the shamrock and the Trinity. We read Irish blessings, watched Irish dancers and listened to traditional music. For artwork, we learned about illuminated manuscripts and created our own illustrated Celtic letters inspired by The Book of Kells. The best part of the day might have been the Celtic knots and crosses made out of pizza pans...or maybe it was the Irish Jaffa cakes!

Gyodan breakfast, age 8

Day Three - Japan
Did you know the round circle on the Japanese flag is a symbol of the sun? Or that it's considered rude to blow your nose in public in Japan? We had a blast learning about this amazing country. We listened to the music, ate edamame, and then created our own gyodan (Japanese art of making fake food). Don't they look good enough to eat?

Fish haiku and sumi-e, age 7
Next we wrote haiku poems about animals and painted them in sumi-e fashion. Beautiful! The Japanese word search was extra hard and extra fun today.

Learning about Picasso, sculpture, age 8

Day Four - Spain
Spain is home to bullfighting, flamenco dancing, and some truly interesting artists. Today we emulated Picasso, Dali, and Miro. The artwork was surreal. Personally, I enjoyed listening to the Spanish flamenco guitar and eating the Manzanilla olives for snack. I find myself longing for more tapas. Ole!

Learning about Joan Miro, "Landscape", age 8
Please enjoy some more photos below. Looks like I'm done with summer to jury duty next week!

Aboriginal dot painting

Time for play!

Playing the didgeroo

Aboriginal dot painting, Kookaburra, age 8

Aboriginal dot painting, Platapus, age 7

Aboriginal dot painting, Kookaburra, age 6

Aboriginal dot painting, Sugar glider, age 9


Word search!

Celtic letter B, age 9
Celtic letter C, age 6

Celtic letter J, age 6

Celtic letter A, age 9

Celtic letter L, age 6

Celtic letter Z, age 6
Celtic Cross, age 9

Celtic Cross, age 8

Celtic Cross, age 6
Gyodan fruit, age 6

Gyodan pizza and parmesan, age 9

Gyodan burger, age 6

Gyodan taco, donut, grapes and purple onion, age 6

Gyodan grapes, age 6

Gyodan grapes, age 7
Panda haiku and sumi-e, age 9

Penguin haiku and sumi-e, age 6

Cat haiku and sumi-e, age 8

Cat and mouse haiku and sumi-e, age 6

Bird haiku and sumi-e, age 6

Crab haiku and sumi-e, age 6

Making Picasso-inspired sculpture

Picasso-inspired sculpture, age 6

Picasso-inspired sculpture, age 9

Inspired by Miro, "Dog", age 6

Painting surreal landscapes

Friday, July 01, 2011

Master Pieces Art Camp!

Summer camp is officially OPEN! I just finished a week of art camp at Seacoast Church in Mount Pleasant, SC. With kids ages 6-8, we studied a different master artist each day and then worked out our own inspired masterpiece.  The children used bodies, minds and spirits to experience Cubism, Impressionism, Surrealism, Abstractism, and Realism. Enjoy the photos below.

Learning about Pablo Picasso

Picasso-inspired soft sculpture, age 6

age 8

age 6
age 7

Mini-masterpieces, pastel on shrink film, Learning about Claude Monet

Impressionistic Cat, age 6
age 8
Learning about Salvador Dali and Surrealism

Surrealist Landscape with silly putty foot, age 6

Learning about Vasily Kadinsky and Abstract art
Abstract Composition to music, age 7

Learning about Leonardo da Vinci and drawing what we see around us. Later we sketched inventions!

We learned a lot about art, but we played hard too!

Next weeks' camp is at Palmetto Christian Academy. In this Around the World Art Camp, we'll go to a different country each day! Can't wait!