Thursday, June 01, 2006

Everyday Heroes

I had the following letter to the editor published in The Moultrie News on May 31, 2006. Here's to good veterinarians and my sweet little buddy.

I recently awoke to find that what I had feared and dreaded for so long had come true. My beloved cat, Espresso, who had suffered valiantly through hyperthyroidism and diabetes, had finally passed away at thirteen-years-old. Or so I thought. Much to my horror, he was still breathing but in a terrible state. I prayed to God to take him immediately, but when that didn’t happen, I knew what I had to do.

For the past few years, Espresso had been under the loving and expert care of the husband and wife team, Dr. and Dr. Burton, at Long Point Animal Hospital. They had seen him recently and told me to prepare for this day, but nothing could have. I got in the car and thought of taking him there, but it seemed too far away—Espresso was suffering terribly. So I drove somewhere I’d never been, Animal Medical Center of Mt. Pleasant on Houston Northcutt, in the hopes that it would be open at such an early hour. Thank God, it was.

I’m writing to give my sincere thanks to Dr. Senf and his staff for the gracious and comforting way they treated Espresso and me when there was nothing left to do except ease his misery. Dr. Senf was so warm and empathetic; it was as if angels were indeed there to help Espresso to Heaven and help me, left here on Earth.

I am forever grateful to Dr. Senf at Animal Medical Center and Dr. and Dr. Burton at Long Point Animal Hospital for taking wonderful care of a dear member of our family. Veterinarians like these have such an important job in our community, and to me, they are truly everyday heroes.

Nicole Seitz
Mount Pleasant

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