Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The In-Between

I recently finished my next novel. That was a triumphant feeling--it always is--to finish a task you've set out to do months, maybe even years ago. And I love the writing of the book too, although some days it feels like teeth could be pulled easier than words will come out. But I have to tell you about the in-between stage that I find myself in now. I think this may be the most fun of all.

This is the stage where nothing is written in stone, where ideas float wildly and effortlessly through the air around me. I wait and watch until puzzle pieces solidify and drop into my upturned hands. Then it's my turn to put all the pieces together. It's magical, this in-between, where anything seems possible and nothing is too outrageous or difficult--yet. This is the space right before the disciplined work begins. This is the place where my imagination becomes like a child and the whole world feels ripe for the picking.

For you writers out there, I'm interested to hear--what's your favorite stage of the writing process?


Ronald E. Gollner said...

Well...typing in a last line, sitting back in my chair and in my best Jack Nicholson (as Melvin Udall in As Good As It Gets) impression saying, "Done!"

There is something profoundly liberating about that sense of accomplishment.

And, as you mentioned, then the real work begins.

Good luck with yours, I have two novels at the moment awaiting 2nd and 3rd draft efforts respectively.

Nicole Seitz said...

And good luck with your two novels! Congratulations!

Rachelle said...

Well, I am like Mark Twain (I flatter myself, I know) who is said to have quipped, "I hate writing, but I love having written."

Yeah, my favorite part is when it's done.