Wednesday, May 09, 2007

8 Things About Me

I've been tagged by my very talented editor and mistress of the blogosphere, Rachelle Gardner, to tell you 8 random things about me that you may not know. This could be frightening. Here we go:
  1. I typically work in my pajamas.
  2. I love ethnic food! Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai...I know I'm forgetting something...
  3. My beloved cat, Espresso, passed away last year, and I'm secretly waiting for the appropriate time to get a new one. I need to wait until my son is out of his "taunt the dog" phase.
  4. I'm afraid of heights, and I have to pray fervently when landing or taking off in an airplane to ease my anxiety.
  5. I considered switching majors in college to either cultural anthropology or photojournalism. Instead, I stuck it out in broadcast journalism. I once dreamed of being a reporter for 60 Minutes.
  6. I have a terrible memory, and I have to work very hard to pay attention to everything going on around me in order to remember the details.
  7. My side of the closet is an absolute mess. My husband's is neat and tidy.
  8. At 5 feet, 3 and 3/4 inches, I'm the largest woman in my immediate family.

I'm supposed to tag other people now, but I'd rather hear from my readers who want to share 8 random things about themselves! Please leave me a comment...


angeleyes Blue said...

Hey Nicole :)

I don't have a blog page but I jump into others all the time. An observation...My two kids are in full blown teenagehood and they love to tease the new kitten and the other 2 cats for that matter.

My husband was saying something about that last night. "Kevin I am surprised she is still coming to you." Our 15 year old son says "of course she does--she loves me."

I am 5'8" tall and I am the short one in the family on my husbands side. Both kids have lapped me as of 8 months ago.

Have a great afternoon :)

Nicole Seitz said...

Thanks, Pam. This helps. Perhaps the cat could come sooner than later. BUT, my son is 2 years old and we call him the "destroyer". I think I may wait until he's at least three. He has to mellow out at some point, right?

Love your comments!

Anonymous said...

So nice to see you back on the blog. Jeane the Publicist!

Nicole Seitz said...

Thanks, Jeane. It's good to be back! Those edits are grueling and take every bit of time and brainpower. But turned them in days ago. Hallelujah!

Rachelle said...

Okay, so I read Jeane's comment and your response. Complain, complain, Nicole. You're a writer now -- that means editing -- suck it up!!!!

(Have to preserve my reputation as a vicious and uncaring editor.)

Ahem, anyway... love your list! I work in my pjs too! And about the ethnic food, yeah you forgot Mexican and Italian. You seemed to be stuck on the eastern strains.

And HA! I am ONE-QUARTER-INCH taller than you. Yipee! Finally, someone I can tower over.

Happy Mother's Day, my dear. And write another book, please. I'm having withdrawals.

Nicole Seitz said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too, Rachelle! Hope your day involved fewer gigantic messes than mine (my two-year-old, remember?).

And yes, sorry, but the editing process seems to consume my brain. (Not complaining, just being realistic!) The book writing part is at times fun. The editing part is like someone just handed you a Rubik's cube with a deadline :)

You're so good at what you do, Rachelle! God bless you! I can't wait to get into writing the next book, and I pray you get your hands all over it!