Thursday, July 12, 2007

Back from the Peach State

I just got back from the International Christian Retail Show in Atlanta. Wow. To see all those books, products, authors, agents, editors, publishers, musicians together in one place was at times overwhelming. Often inspiring. Always entertaining. My favorite part was meeting fellow authors--people I know only by name and work--and meeting my lovely editor, Rachelle Gardner, finally in person. Just a thrill. Hey, here's something I might never get the chance to do again. Yes, that's me on a Segway wearing a silly blue helmet. (No persons were injured in the shooting of this photo.)

Roadtrips can be good. I found that I was able to do some good "writing in my head" on the drive over and back. And then there was the quiet hotel with no family beckoning every 30 seconds. That was good for writing too. And sometimes you need a little space in order to appreciate fully your life at home.

All in all, it's great to be seen but very good to be home.

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Anonymous said...

In your list I see no mention of publicists . . . signed, your publicist :)