Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Mammograms (or The Joys of Being Female)

Well, I did it. I had my first mammogram last week, and do you know what? Not so bad. Not bad at all. The folks down at MUSC here in Charleston were professional and quick. The new digital equipment was (from what I was told) more comfortable than previous equipment a few years ago. And you wait right there for the results. Within minutes! How often do you get test results within minutes?

What? A mammogram before age forty, you say? Well, yes. I have in my family history instances of breast cancer or other types of cancer, so the earlier the better as I see it. The mammogram was truly painless, and if you keep your eyes straight ahead as I did, it's as dignified as can be.

Please, if you've been putting off having a mammogram (and you know who you are), well now's the time to do it. Talk to your doctor about it. It's just so simple and it could save your life.

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