Wednesday, April 09, 2008

CFBA Blog Tour

For the next couple of days, the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance is graciously posting reviews of my new book, Trouble the Water. There will also be some interviews. Thank you, CFBA, for helping get the word out about authors who write with the heart and soul.


L. Diane Wolfe said...

You are welcome, Nicole! I hope this blog tour was a big success for you!

april penny said...

Thanks for your comment. I hope the blog tour goes well for you!

I don't know if I've ever made anyone want to visit Kansas before... :-)

carla stewart said...

Nicole, thanks for stopping by my blog. I started your book yesterday and can hardly put it down. I'm a southern fiction fan and will post a review on my blog when I'm done. I'll let you know when I do. Good job!

Cheri said...

Hi Nicole-

I read and reviewed your book as part of the CFBA tour. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for writing such a moving and beautiful story. I honestly loved it. It broke my heart, it made me laugh, it encouraged me & it made me want to read more of your stuff (and that's a good thing, right? :D) Wishing you many successes and continued blessings!

Nicole Seitz said...

Wow. Thank you for all the beautiful comments. I'm so glad the book touched you!