Friday, October 24, 2008

Wonderfully-Creepy Picture Book

I'm an author and illustrator, so I've seen a lot of books. But when I picked up Inside the Slidy Diner written by Laurel Snyder and illustrated by Jaime Zollars, I was entranced from the cover all the way to the end.

First, the prose is unique, lovely, quirky...a perfect match for the brilliant illustrations. My three-(almost four) and five-year-old kids and I have been reading this one nightly. Each time we see different things in the illustrations we hadn't seen before...a mouse on a cat's back, an eye peeking through a hole in the wall... It's so much fun! It's the story of a young girl who gets stuck in the greasy Slidy Diner after nabbing a lemon drop--and what an imaginative tale!

If you love quirky, dark things that are just creepy enough to be fun but not so much that it turns scary, this is for you. I haven't seen my kids quite so enamored with a book in a while.

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