Sunday, February 08, 2009

Luncheon with Siddons and Seitz

A couple days ago I had the honor of speaking at an authors' luncheon in Charleston, SC with best-selling author of seventeen novels, Anne Rivers Siddons. It was a rare treat to be able to spend time with a woman who is so open, endearing, and encouraging about the life of writers. I enjoyed speaking to a group of forty at the sold-out event in Fish Restaurant about my third and new release, A Hundred Years of Happiness, and Anne reading from her latest, Off Season. The food was delicious, the guests, charming, the host, Blue Bicycle Books, warm and generous. One such guest wrote about the event on her blog, and I think she tells it better than I do, so hop on over and see what she had to say:


Susannah said...

Wow! Thanks a million.

Lori said...

Nicole! I bought all three of your books at the signing, and the OCD part of my brain insisited I start with the first book first, and last night, burned the midnight oil because I couldn't put it down! You are a wonderful writer and I was so happy to meet you. I look forward to reading all three and then adding them to my huge collection of books, these being ever so special, since you addressed each one to me personally. I am already a true and loyal fan ~