Sunday, September 18, 2011


My passion flower vine that flourished in the summer sun and winked new blooms at me every day was decimated by caterpillars. This is the one that would reach out and cover everything in it's curly-q arms. It would grab on and not let go. I let it sit there, dead, hoping it would revive, to no avail. So I finally cut it all back, pared, and pared, and trimmed, and sadly left a large heap of barren sticks by the side of the road, remembering its former glory. Days later, as if breathing a sigh of relief, as if saying thank you for cutting off what was dead, my vine started sprouting up and tendrils are beginning to reach out again. What a glorious thing, to see passion beginning to grow again even after the worldly things have tried to kill it off.

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cookma said...

Beautiful Nicole! It's so hard sometimes to leave the "old growth" behind and move forward. Maybe we all need a little push ahead and a little help "cutting back". Wise words. Thank you for sharing!