Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thirsty for More...and Thankful

A few weeks ago, I went for a run and came across three things within feet of one another: a snake, a torn dollar bill, and a water bottle. I left the snake alone but picked up the water bottle and torn dollar (right). I felt it had symbolism. Being a novelist, I can find symbolism in just about anything, but this, I was sure, meant something. Was I supposed to raise money for water somehow? I pondered and prayed on this.

A couple weeks later, my good friend Shellie Rushing Tomlinson all the way over in Louisiana posted this photo (left). Shellie and I had not talked about this at all. When she asked me to be a part of her 30 Days of Thankfulness project to dig two wells in Africa and posted a photo of a water bottle she'd found on her walk, I knew I was in. I sent her my photo, and we marveled at how the Lord had spoken to each of us about the same thing.

I've donated to this great cause and hope that you will join me in building these two wells. Perhaps you can spare $10 to help build a well? If not, maybe you could post and share with your friends. I, for one, often take for granted our clean drinking water. I don't have to walk for miles to get it. I don't get sick after drinking our water. I am blessed here. Perhaps I have something to share so that those in a far away land may be blessed with fresh water as well.

Thank you for considering joining Shellie, me, and a whole other slew of authors and good folks as we raise the money for clean water.
 You can donate here.

Here's Shellie's post:

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