Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Good Times, Good People

My past few events have been extremely rewarding! Last weekend was the highly-anticipated 3rd Annual Sweetgrass Cultural Arts Festival. Emily Morrison of the Mount Pleasant Barnes and Noble gets kudos for sitting in the near hundred degree weather with me. Mind you, we were in the best shady spot under a gorgeous oak tree, but here's to you, Emily (see photo)! Now we can appreciate what sweetgrass basket makers endure on a daily basis...

Before that was a wonderful weekend further up the coast. I spoke at the Conway Library and one book group, Myrtle Trace South, brought 18 members! Nice to see you all! The next day was Litchfield Books' Moveable Feast at Blowfish Restaurant in Pawley's Island. What an incredible time. Thank you Tom and Linda! My mother and sister-in-law, Pawley's residents, came to that one too, so it was a special treat for me. That evening I met with the lovely ladies of the Prince Creek book club in Murrells Inlet. They outdid themselves with good food and great conversation. Thank you, Donna, for inviting me.
Truly, I get more out of each event than the folks who come to see me or buy The Spirit of Sweetgrass. Each reader fuels me. Thank you, thank you, everyone.

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