Friday, May 07, 2010

Mother's Day Book Recommendation

Brenda Seward of Simple Pleasures Books & Gifts offers three book recommendations for Mother's Day. I'm pleased that mine is one of them! Here's her lovely review:

Saving Cicadas, by Nicole Seitz

"Saving Cicadas is the story of a single mother in crisis and how her current turmoil and the decision she must take affects her daughters (an eight year old and a seventeen-year-old special needs child) and her grandparents. In a quandary about how to resolve the problem before her, Priscilla decides she needs to take a road trip to her childhood home in the hope that the journey will give her insight and provide a solution to her problem. In this beautifully written novel, the journey that Priscilla and her family take is both literal and metaphoric. Each character in this story has their own special and individual journey to make, each helping the other to achieve their own separate peace. This is a wonderful novel, chronicling all the pain and joy of motherhood."

--Review by Brenda Seward, Simple Pleasures Books & Gifts

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