Saturday, June 19, 2010

Beyond Grief

I'm saddened to hear a dear friend passed away yesterday, amazing poet, Irene Nuite Lofton. I've lost several friends in the last few years and her chapbook, "Beyond Grief", has helped me tremendously. Here's my favorite poem in that one about hope. I don't think she would mind my sharing it in full.


Today I saw a tulip tree
Against February skies.
And every swelling velvet bud
Flings truth at winter's lies.

Lies which say there is no end
To winter's bitter cold.
That hope is lost and never found
As earth is growing old.

But tulip buds tell only truth,
and every bud proclaims
That life must surely follow death,
And spring will come again.

~Irene Nuite Lofton

You will be missed, Irene. Heaven rejoices.

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nannykim said...

Nice poem. Sorry for the loss of your friend. I just wanted to say I saw one of your paintings in the library in Conway and love it. I have not read any of your books, but I plan on reading one after I finish some other books on my list!