Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Best Blurb

I spoke with my niece, Sierra, today on the phone and as usual, it was a treat. She's in the 5th grade has an unbelievable imagination, and she's an avid reader. Fairy books mostly. Sierra said she started reading my novel, The Spirit of Sweetgrass. I suppose there must be one lying around her house. And I have to quote her:

"Aunt Nikki, I started reading your book. I was reading the prologue, and it was just so interesting. It reeled me in like a mouse to cheese."

First of all, when I was her age, I had no idea what a prologue was. Next, "a mouse to cheese"? Really? Wow. I think I can quit now. I've just been paid the HIGHEST complement. Although I did suggest to my sister that she might want to screen the book first --there may be some issues inappropriate for Sierra's age. Still, it meant the world to me that I was able to "reel her in." Let's just hope other readers feel the same!


Rachelle said...

What a brilliant little girl! I can totally understand the "mouse to cheese" thing, but it means a whole lot more coming from a fifth grader! Great one, Nicole. (And I love that you are Aunt Nikki.)

Nicole Seitz said...

I was Aunt Nikki long before I was Mommy. Sierra, like my other neices and nephew, is a very special child!