Monday, March 19, 2007

Get Moving!

I read the most fascinating article in Parade this weekend about exercise. Of course, I know the importance of it (although I definitely do not get enough), but I'll admit it...I had my birthday a couple days ago and well, things just ain't what they used to be :) This article explained something that really hit home for me. It said that our cells die off and regenerate except for a few stem cells in each organ, so basically, in three months, you'll have a whole new body than you do today--literally.

So here's the kicker: this article explained that your cells can do one of two things; they can decay or get stronger. When we exercise, we tell our cells to get stronger. When we sit and are sedentary, we tell our cells to decay--including brain cells! Thus, the aging process which is supposed to be a slow, gradual thing, is actually made faster! I always knew exercise was important but this article spoke to me, ESPECIALLY as a writer who sits behind a computer for hours a day. We CAN take more control over our aging!! I plan to do it more gracefully...

For all you writers out there, get moving!

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