Saturday, March 10, 2007

Gimme Some "On Ice"

When I first started sharing my work from The Spirit of Sweetgrass, I had joined a group of folks that meet at Barnes and Noble Mount Pleasant every other Tuesday, the Seacoast Christian Writers' Group. The people, critiques, work presented, everything became very special to me. It was a magical time. Soon my book would be finished and now published. I owe so much to that group.

Another writer who came to those meetings and who read from his work at the time, On Ice, has just sold that novel, his first published book, to Kunati. I couldn't be more proud of Red Evans, a man who deserves to see his dream come true. He is a very talented writer, and his young character, Eldridge Brewer, will make you cackle and cry. Brilliant. Watch for it this fall!

I was so pleased to see Red and his lovely wife and granddaughter at my books signing/art opening at the gallery last night. His support means so much to me because he believed in my words from the start. Red Evans is a true gentleman. And a wonderful friend.

Here's to you, Red.

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Rachelle said...

Isn't it wonderful to have a group of writers/book lovers to hang out with?

Red sounds like a great guy!