Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Love What You Do

I had a very nice interview with Jill Coley of The Post and Courier today. We talked about writing The Spirit of Sweetgrass, and at one point she said, "You make it sound so easy. But writing a book can't be easy, can it?"

NO, I told her.

Writing is not easy. It's hard--like everything worth doing--it's hard. Raising children? Hard. Maintaining a happy marriage? Hard. Keeping one's figure? Ahem...hard. And writing a novel? Very hard. The thing I pointed out to Jill was this: for me, writing is fun. Plain and simple. I love it. I'm passionate about writing and creating art, just as I'm passionate about my family and God. I'm passionate about writing, so therefore, even though it takes a lot of time, effort, creativity, and adds gray hair (which, by the way, so do my children and wonderful husband), it truly matters to me.

Yes, I love what I do. Not everyone does. What a blessing to have passion for something. I make it sound easy? Wonderful. That's just my passion and excitement coming through.

So what is it that you're passionate about? Are you making time for it? If not, you could be missing out on a whole lot of fun.

Family? Fun. God? Fun. Writing? Oh yeah. Whole lotta fun.

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Rachelle said...

Nicole, I LOVE skiing - but sometimes it's hard, too. You know, the long drive, all that heavy gear. And the cold. Yet I'm passionate about it and so I find it fun! Kinda like writing, and for me, editing books. Challenging, yes. But there's nothing I'd rather do. Especially when it puts me in contact with wonderful people like you!